Motorbike Modifications in Bridport

Motorbike Servicing in Bridport

If you require a modification or tuning on your bike give me a ring to talk through your thoughts. By talking, we can come up with some really subtle modifications or something that shouts out.

I was not happy with the way the off the shelf n2o systems worked, so I designed and made my own to work the way I wanted it to.

If you are thinking of giving your bike a bit more power, why not have it re-jetted(car bikes) or remapped with a power commander (fuel injected).  I will give you a bespoke fueling map that will give more power and improve all round riding, not just at full revs, like the rolling road tuners give.
Think it, create it, ride it.

Custom Motorbike Work in Bridport

I will carry out all types of work to your bike, including engine rebuilds, tuning, modifications, suspension, servicing, tyres, chain and sprockets, MOT preparation, custom work and special services.

Motorbike repairs Bridport

Below is a list of the modifications I have completed on my 2000 XJR1300sp:
•    4-1 Remus exhaust shortened
•    Adjustable ignition advance
•    K and N filter in std air box but with AWS air box mods
•    Carbs re-jetted and set up by AWS with some dynojet parts
•    Full throttle stop optimised with throttle spindle drilled to take wot switches
•    Fuel pump installed to piggy back std fuel supply
•    AWS n2o system designed, built and installed with electrical and gas supplies made to suit
•    2002 XJR left hand switch gear hazard switch used for arming n2o system
•    Pulling approx 115 hp at rear wheel with estimated 50-60 hp extra with gas
•    Wheelies in 4th at 130 when gas/fuel is injected
•    n2o XJR

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